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Who we are

We are a real estate investment company active in the US market with a unique method of operation.

What we do

We locate and buy properties in the US, in any condition, AS IS, even the “hard cases” as long as it makes sense profit-wise.

We use many real-estate investing strategies from flipping houses to wholesaling to fixing & rental management.

We are problem solvers.


the best thing about working with us?

There will always be more great things ahead!

what makes us unique

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable team guarantees an easy customer experience from the first point of contact all the way to closing.

Easy to Manage Transactions

An investor signs a contract, places a deposit, and wins the property.

Our Technology

Using advanced customer relations systems increases the efficiency and transparency of transactions for your convenience.

Extensive Experience

Our firm’s extensive experience provides you with a pleasant enriching experience throughout the process.


We use many real estate investing strategies from flipping houses to wholesaling to fixing & rental management.

Problems Solvers

We are problem solvers.

Or Kirshenboim

CEO / Co-Founder

Yoav Kirshenboim

CHAIRMAN / Co-Founder

michal Kirshenboim


our team

roy kaplan

Assets Management Director

Simon Sela

Marketing Director

Tal shani

Transaction Coordinator

Omer yair

Acquisition Director

danni bines

Human Resources Director

anat Milshtein

Human Resources

mazi levi

Director Of Finance

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Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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